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Les cours de dactylographie

English AZERTY layout touch typing course

15 lessons

The AZERTY layout is popular in French-speaking countries. AZERTY is an analog of QWERTY for French. Nowadays a lot of people use this keyboard to type in English. If you like the idea, start improving your typing speed!

As you can see, this layout is similar to QWERTY. Except for some keys: “A” and “Q” have swapped places, as well as “Z”; “W” and "M" have been moved to the middle row; the arrangement of punctuation marks has been changed a bit too.

For those who are used to typing with the AZERTY layout, it can be very unusual to use QWERTY for English. And given that the letters are the same, it makes no sense to switch layout. Therefore, Ratatype has a specially designed typing course in English for the AZERTY layout, which will help increase typing speed by up to 20%! Let's get typing!