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Ratatype Curriculum: Typing for Beginners

Welcome to the Ratatype Curriculum, where we recognize the importance of typing as an essential skill in today's digital era. As educators, we understand that proficient typing can greatly enhance students' productivity and effectiveness in their academic pursuits. With Ratatype, an online typing tutor, we provide a comprehensive curriculum to help students improve their typing skills.

Our English layout touch typing course is specifically designed for beginners and consists of 19 engaging lessons. The primary objective of these lessons is to teach users how to learn and memorize the keys of the most widely used keyboard layout in the world. Let's take a closer look at each of these lessons to understand the learning journey. 

Lesson 1-12 — Learning the basic keys 

During the first twelve lessons, students will be dedicated to mastering the location of letters on the keyboard. By the end of these lessons, they will have acquired the ability to easily locate any letter on the keyboard.

The keys F and J are introduced in the first lesson, and subsequently, the following keys are covered in the order:

  1. F and J
  2. R and T
  3. U and Y
  4. D, C, and E
  5. K and I
  6. H, N, and M
  7. G, B, and V
  8. S and A
  9. L, O, and P
  10. W and Q
  11. X and Z
  12. Comma and dot keys

As teachers, our primary objective during these lessons is to ensure that students become proficient in finding any letter on the keyboard. By following this structured approach, we can equip them with the necessary skills for efficient typing and computer use.

Lessons 13-14 — Common Combinations

Lessons 13 and 14 are dedicated to a special topic: Common Combinations. In these lessons, students will focus on learning and mastering frequently used letter combinations in the English language. These combinations, such as "th," "er," "in," and "ed," appear frequently in words and texts. By dedicating time to this lesson, students will develop muscle memory and familiarity with these combinations, making their typing more fluent and efficient.

Mastering common combinations is a significant step in becoming a proficient typist. Through targeted exercises and practice, students will reinforce their understanding of these combinations, further enhancing their overall typing skills. With this essential knowledge, students will be well-equipped to tackle various typing tasks and confidently express themselves in the digital world.

Lessons 15-16 — Function words

Lessons 15 and 16 introduce an important topic: Function words. In these lessons, students will delve into the realm of function words, which are essential elements in the English language. Function words include common words like articles (a, an, the), prepositions (in, on, at), conjunctions (and, but, or), and pronouns (he, she, they).

Through a dedicated focus on Lessons 15 and 16, students will acquire a solid grasp of function words, thereby enhancing their typing efficiency and expression. By engaging in targeted exercises and practice, they will gain valuable skills to excel in various typing tasks and effectively communicate their thoughts. These lessons lay the foundation for constructing well-structured and cohesive sentences, as students master the usage of articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and pronouns, ensuring their writing is grammatically accurate and clear.

Lessons 17-18 — Words

In lessons 17 and 18, students will have a unique opportunity to hone their typing skills through practice with the Most Frequently Used Words — Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs. These lessons place a special emphasis on providing ample practice and reinforcement of words that are extensively utilized in the English language.

This targeted practice ensures that students are equipped to handle real-world typing tasks with ease and confidence. As they progress through Lessons 17 and 18, students will master essential words that form the core of the English language, empowering them to excel in their typing journey and proficiently communicate their thoughts in the digital realm.

Lesson 19 — Sentences

Lesson 19 marks an important milestone in the Ratatype Curriculum: Sentences. In this final lesson, students will put their comprehensive typing skills to the test by typing full sentences. This lesson aims to solidify all the knowledge and techniques they have acquired throughout the course.

By typing complete sentences, students will integrate their understanding of letters, common combinations, function words, and frequently used words into cohesive and well-structured texts. This practice will instill confidence in their ability to handle various typing tasks they might encounter in academic, professional, or personal settings.


The Ratatype Curriculum offers an effective and well-organized method for teaching typing skills to students at various proficiency levels. Through its structured approach, the course empowers students to enhance their typing speed, accuracy, and efficiency by breaking the learning process into manageable and progressive steps.

By mastering the lessons provided in the Ratatype Curriculum, students will develop the invaluable skill of touch-typing, which will prove beneficial in both their academic and professional pursuits. The ability to type effortlessly and accurately will undoubtedly boost their productivity and effectiveness in various tasks that require computer usage.

Whether you are an educator seeking to elevate classroom productivity or a student striving to improve your typing abilities, the Ratatype Curriculum stands as the ideal tool to help you achieve your goals. 

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